Falconry & Horses, Horseback Falconry

Falconry & Horses, Horseback Falconry


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For something different how about a chance to combine two ancient arts, Riding and Falconry.
We can offer a day's tuition, using our own horses
The day would start with an introduction to birds of prey, the way the various hawks would have been flown, and discussion as to where and why horses would have come in, followed by Handling lessons to make sure you can carry a hawk correctly.
This will be followed by Lunch 

The afternoon will be spent with Hawks and horses as you learn to work the two together. You will get to work with hawks and Falcons and end flying one of our eagles from a horse, in a simulated hunt
These are run now run on an exclusive basis for Individuals with a none participating spectator, (Weekdays only for the individual day) or 2 people (weekdays and weekends)  for groups of 3 or 4 please contact us 
Our Falconry horses are retrained racehorses so For experienced riders only, Riders must be confident to ride independently in an open environment Minimum age 16.participants will need to have their own riding gear

prices are 

£380 for two people

£260 for an individual who cans have a spectator included in the price

We can also arrange days at your own venue for riding clubs, or groups to have a go using your own horses, contact us for details

We also offer a main ring display of mounted falconry, fast, informative and entertaining


Martin is one of the very few Falconers who practices true Falconry from horses and is master of the Dartmoor Falcons, one of only two organized mounted falconry groups in the country.