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This is The Deluxe session aimed at people who would like a deeper insight into falconry.  You will be introduced and explained about the birds we use, and how they work with and respond to us. You will spend the morning handling and flying owls, and learning about the powerful and fast falcons while we put them through their paces.This will be followed by lunch (included in price)

The afternoon will be spent getting more involved with falcons and with our eagles, Then  we go on a walk  with Harris Hawks and learning about this incredible social raptor and watch them flying together as a team.

The day is approximately 6 hours 


1 person £150

1 person with 1 spectator £180

1 person 2 spectators 

2 people £255

3 people (exclusive) £355

£50 per additional person in an exclusive group


Starting Price £150.00
No. of People: